Our Opening Times

We have flexible opening times to suit your needs, this includes early mornings till late evenings and also weekends.Hhowever if wanting an appointment to get your animal grromed, bathed or to enquire about our hydrotherapy suite then please contcat us via our contact details.

Please Feel Free To send Us Any Comments you May Have

The Grooming Studio And Hydrotherapy Suite

About Us

We are a dependable, reliable and friendly grooming service with flexible hours.We also have our own on site Hydrotherapy Pool for fun swims or medical swims.


Our services include on site  bathing and drying facilities for your animal as well as a cutting and grooming studio. 

Hydrotherapy Suite

We have just recently started taking booking for our hydrotherapy syuite which includes a water treadmill as well as a purpose built hydrotherapy pool.These swims are ideal for animals suffering from injuries such as cruciate repairs, they are also agood way for your animal to loose any excess weight.In addition to medical swims we can use the pool for fun swims which will encourage your animal to swim and get fit.


Next To Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital 1 Plantation Street, Leadgate, Consett, Co.Durham | 07768791665


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